Get What Uneed

Equipped with latest technologies and best tech talents, we bring qualitative and efficient software to light up your digital world

Our Services

Depending on time, budget, scope, and complexity of your projects we provide 3 options to help your business maintain, extend and acquire qualitative IT resources.

Project Development

recommended for

  • short-term projects
  • fixed cost/time or budget
  • small to middle scale projects

Dedicated Development Team

recommended for

  • direct control over project stages
  • full-time engagement of IT experts to your project

Specialist for Relocation

recommended for

  • limited recruitment capabilities
  • building/extending your IT department
Learn more about each of these options and their difference here

Our Added Value

With delivering what we do the best: development and design of software we provide our customers with

Outstanding quality
Specialist with proficient technical and language skills
Protected intellectual property rights
Personal meetings and direct comunication
Candidates market overview within 24 hours
Long-term partnership

Our Expertise

Our team is comprised of devoted professionals who have expertise in multiple areas. We build web products that work and last, advance your customer journey, target and keep your customers in the loop.

Developing customized web products is our core competence. We bring online presence to businesses by creating applications that resemble services and products as a distinctive brand. Our experienced team of developers organize and structure both front-end and back-end to create smooth and intuitive navigation for browsing as well as rich user experience.

React JS
Angular JS

Uneed Web builds mobile applications by using cross-platform mobile application development. It enables you to have one codebase and to customize for multiple platforms, brings cost-effectiveness and simplicity once changes and synchronization are applied.

ReactJS Native
Xamarin Framework

Uneed Web creates a unique product web design to match you company’s unique brand. A customized web design which is search engine friendly, stands out from your competitors and focuses on your customers. To optimize your customers browsing experience we create sites and systems based on responsive design.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Web Design \ UX