web development


TraWell is an online web service created for a travel company that enables customers to plan their journey in advance. The service allows to book tickets for flights, cruises, rent cars, buy vacation packages and various attractions via the internet. Through TraWell you can pay online for the services and post reviews. The site uses multiple global distribution systems like Amadeus or the Sabre reservation systems for flights and for hotels, Worldspan and Pegasus, along with its own hotel reservation system for contracted, bulk-rate reservations.

  • NLP entity linking

    Natural language processing entity linking was implemented to enhance user search performance improvement.

  • Invoicing system

    The web service has a built-in invoicing system that creates invoices, sends payment reminders, keeps track of business expenses.

  • Payment system

    An integration of a third party payment platform that enables accepting online payments from clients throughout the world.


What technologies did we use?

Our technical team used a comprehensive set of tools and technologies during TraWell development.

Find the best offers

The website is integrated with the global distribution systems that allow to pull out the latest relevant information about the airline seats, car rentals, hotel rooms, etc. The user simply enters point of destination, aimed travel dates, filters search results by price, ratings. The search engine suggests and indicates offers and deals that are available for the particular trip.

Organizer Section

TraWell helps to organize every part of customer journey including activities customers might want to take part in. By choosing a location for travel, the search engine system also suggests activities in the area (concerts, festivals, museums, theaters, etc.), prices and dates. The user can book an activity and it will be added to his journey plan.