Relocation Specialist

Wonder how to access strategic talents?
28% of executives are convinced that accessing strategic top talents adds value beyond standard options. Uneed Web provides a cost-benefit service of Relocation Specialist. Access a richer pool of IT experts and leverage your human capital.

When the top talents for your industry are above your budget or simply not located in your area we will provide you with high-skilled candidates that are willing to relocate to your place.

You do 5%, we do the remaining 95% for you.

Services comparison

You do

  • Provide technical requirements for candidates
  • Evaluate and approve candidates
  • Sign contract with candidates

We do

  • Candidates market overview in 24 hours
  • Conduct recruitment process to check candidates’ personal skills and language proficiency
  • Conduct technical interviews
  • Suggest candidates and schedule an interview with your team
  • Handle relocation and settlement


You get a new, high-skilled team member that completes your business team